Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Post

Here we go, the first blog entry for the shiny new photo site, although the site isn't live yet so if you're reading this you're living in the past. I've been putting off the first blog entry for a long, long time. Alot has happened recently that's worth blogging about. I spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Yosemite. Myself and a friend finished a bike trail we've been building for nearly 3 years. I finally got a color meter for my indoor lighting. All of these things individually are worth an entry to the online diary, but things have been hectic and blogging hasn't been very high on the priority list since, well, at the time I am typing this no one knows that this blog even exists. But I gotta start somewhere and what good is a new website with no blog entries? It's now Saturday morning just before I'm off for a biking photo shoot. The suspense builds now that I tell you that I felt inspired this morning to blog because of a random event last night.

I joined some friends for a 'happy hour' event at their house. It was a great end to the week for everyone to just unwind and hang out. Someone pulled out an iPhone and showed off a photo I had put together from a Christmas card shoot last week. Hillarity ensued. I had about 25 winning shots from our frantic sunset shoot, and I pulled everyone's individual 'worst of' photos and put them into one really gay photo. For the record, I have nothing against gaydom and I, along with pretty much everyone I know, thinks this is funny. If you are offended this blog ain't for you! I guess I spent an hour on it, which is never too much time for a laugh. Reaction, or impact, of any type, is a personal goal with my photography.

This photo however, isn't what this blog entry is about, but I refuse to post an entry to my photography blog without a photo, so there it is. 'Happy hour' came to an end and eventually our hosts kicked us out because, like normal people, they wanted to enjoy their Saturday. 5 of us went to grab some dinner and then we proceeded to someone's birthday party.
I ended up in a conversation with two guys debating politics. I hate politics, but ever since the recent 'most important election of all time', I do find some aspects fascinating. What was quite un-fascinating was that one guy, who just so happened to have really long dreadlocks, dropped a couple verbal bombs on McCain, praised Obama, and then proceeded to tell me that he did not vote. I asked him, "why did you not vote"? He replied that he was too lazy and just didn't. I promptly gazed into his eyes searching for something, but got nothing. He was serious. I told him, "I'm done here, I'm going home. You are not allowed to talk about politics if you didn't vote."

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