Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alleycat Race

I'm not much for racing, but let me tell ya about something fun: the alleycat. Grab a bike, some beers, and meet up with good friends for a point-to-point ride around town stopping for various missions en-route. Choose whatever path you wish, the alleycat is all about spontaneous planning as to the most efficient path connecting the points together. I tagged along journalist-style with the winning team. We didn't really win, but we're all winners.

the ride begins and ends at the Hub bike shop

Sam on the Hula stop at Glass Beach, shortly after this it started hailing, then raining

Kevin M at the sack race stop

Cam and Sam bum wrestling a balloon until it pops. Erin in the background (plugging her ears) is with Red Boots Design and it was her birthday, hence the party hats

Cam with a sweet jump shot at the Happy Valley school stop

Our crew somewhere along the route

Kevin H in the jungle gym

punch-your-own-ticket stop

Some girlies having a good time


Feel the love!

Giving away free stuff afterwards

no caption needed

more free stuff, can't get enough!

mmmmm, bikes, beer, sun

reflection in a window at the giving away of a Traitor bike frame!

Looking forward to the next one! Maybe see ya there! --Brad

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fomenter said...

let's see some photos from the "last" Tall Boy Ride - I'm sure they're better than mine.