Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally, a break from the snow

It's been snowing for a month now, which is largely unusual for Bellingham. I've had to cancel several outdoor photoshoots because I prefer to not get electricuted with my studio lights in the wet outdoors. Not only that, but the mountain biking has been non-existent with the nearly 2 feet of snow we've had.

This past weekend I got up with some buddies, Sam from Transition Bikes, Chris from Kona, and Jason from, well, not sure right now. Word on the street was there was cross-country riding to be had down south in Anacortes (not pronounced anna cortez, but anacortus). Anywho, the riding was really good and we got in 3 hours of hiking & riding with some snowy sections but generally it was pretty clear. I gotta get a lighter bike to hang with these dudes.

You can't really tell by the pics, but the wind was racing at near 50 mph, and it was well below freezing. I was lucky to have some buddies that were willing to take the time to let me setup my lights for the photos, but my hands were frozen- coldest they've ever been. When we were done and I was packing up gear, my fingers wouldn't even work to operate the zippers on my bag. Fun times! --brad

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Pro Peak Sports said...

Homie, you should get a pair of these...