Monday, January 12, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs, Snowing Small Children

It's been raining for a couple months now. Non-stop. Except for when it snows. We're at the record for snow accumulation for Bellingham, or atleast for how long it's stuck around. Warmer temps and some rain has melted all the snow in town, so I headed out for a local Chuckanut Mtn ride with some broski's from Transition Bikes.

The gate on Cleator Road was locked, so we went for a steep lil pedal up. Off the bat, we were greeted with road damage from all the flooding, which we found out was why the gate was closed. Oh, and there was still snow. Lots of it.

Kevin and Cam examine the road damage

Did I mention it was still snowing at the top? Hard. Since it was about 34 degrees, it was real wet. And real cold. Ugghh.

Kevin's sweet new Transition TransAm frame. I gotta get one of these.

Since I couldn't feel my fingers after about 5 minutes after that last photo was taken, there are no photos of the descent. It was snowing, raining, slick, wet, muddy, snowy, etc. A total slopfest. Felt good to get out though. Or atleast get home afterwards. --Brad

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puregrease said...

That gate is probably gonna be closed for a while by the looks of it.