Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday's plan of attack was to get some product-in-action photos of one of the bikes I am reviewing. The idea is to show off the capabilities or purpose of the design of the bike. I was hoping to get two shots, but once I arrived at the top of the mountain and predicted the sky to change within the hour, I rode around awhile before setting up for a nice sunset photo. About 20 minutes after the sun went down, the sky really lit up with vibrant reds.

The point of this photo is to show off the purpose of a single-speed hardtail mountain bike, which is that it's simplicity and minimalistic approach makes it the perfect choice on days when the trails are really gritty. This bike can be rinsed off with a hose and the only maintenence due is a little chain lube. Pretty nice on days like this.
Photos like this sometimes require alot of waiting around time for the light to get just right. I spent an hour. Since not many people feel like waiting around for an hour, I also managed a nice self-portrait of myself riding in this same scene which can be seen on the opening page of the Mountain Bike 2 gallery on the site. --Brad

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