Monday, February 2, 2009

Studio work

I am reviewing two mountain bikes this spring for and put together some studio images of the bikes. The Transition TransAm and Norco Shore 2 are both awesome bikes that serve two very different purposes, and I'm looking forward to riding these all over our awesome northwest terrain as more of the snow melts in the coming weeks.

Transition TransAm

Norco Shore 2

I've been saving up for a big purchase lately and finally bought a Tilt/Shift lens. The Nikkor 24mm PC-E Tilt/Shift is one incredible piece of glass. Product shots with a selective focal plane offer some very interesting perspectives and ways to communicate the subject to the viewer.

Tilt/shift enables the focal plane to run across the front axle in the above image

In this example, the focal plane runs diagonally across the rear suspension linkage (the purple part)
Neat stuff! --Brad

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