Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello World

If you're reading this, you're either subscribed to this blog and just got an update after half a year of no blogging, or you just stumbled in on the right day. It seems as though life for a photographer is either studying photo technique while scraping together belongings to sell on ebay to pay rent, or working overtime on a daily basis on someone else's dime with no time for life outside of said "work". Well the double-edged sword in my case is more of a "have cake and eat too", since I have been working full time for Transition Bike Company for the past 5 months, where I get to ride bikes and take pictures of my friends riding bikes.

It started off pretty straightforward and I jumped into the deep end, photographing the full quiver of bikes for the company in a studio and outdoor setting. Sounds easy enough, but try juggling that with (surprise!) a bunch of other 'media' tasks like learning the ends and outs of HD filming for videos for each of these bikes coupled with days of intense video editing, event coverage for our sponsored athletes, writing press releases and company blog entries, updating the company website with new content and products, and I think there's even more. What? Don't feel sorry for me? Well it is work, I think, I mean it really is work. I spend alot of time there and I get money in return, so yeah, it's work.

The new job has kept me so busy in fact that I have lost time for personal website maintenence and updates. Now that the gig at Transition is finally getting settled and I have some 'free' time courtesy of a broken wrist, I present to you an update to When I started this website, I had no idea what my 'specialty' was in photography. "Umm, I can do it all". Well, no one can 'do it all' very well. I have recently deleted the galleries of things that I don't have time for/ interest in/ suck at, and put up some new content. If you have any 'free' time yourself, you should check out a couple new galleries, such as Landscape 2 and Mountain Bike 3. I also want to spend more time with photographing people and products, so if you're a person with a product, or one or the other, drop me a line at The season is in for senior portraits right now and I've been doing a few already in some interesting locations.
Okay, well, get back to work or get on the site. My time is up for today. I'll leave you with a little nugget from yesterday's film session. Enjoy life! --brad

my co-worker- Transition US Dealer Sales Manager, Cam Burnes


Butch Greene said...

Good to hear your job is such a good place to be! Any job that pays money and not just parts is a good gig.

Ben Hicks Boca Raton Photographer said...

good stuff man, I am glad you got in with Transition. Scott told me you had been working super hard at it.

--Brad said...

thanks guys! --b